Event information for parents

If your child attends our crèche or event, please familiarise yourself with our rules and policies.
Our blog has tips for communicating effectively with children
Parents who have registered online should already have received a full Parent information booklet. You can also download it here:
Download booklet (PDF)

Here are some key reminders:

High viz jackets MUST be worn on outings

Outing jackets MUST be worn correctly. We have a No Tolerance Policy: No jacket/vest = no outing. Parents will be asked to collect their child from the creche for the duration of the outing if there is any resistance to wearing the high viz waistcoats.

Weather appropriate clothing

Remember to bring a coat / jacket with you for when we go on outings.  A water proof coat, scarf, gloves and spare shoes might be useful if it is likely to rain or still snowing.

Ground rules and code of conduct

These are set at the start the creche and signed by Over 8s on the way in and must be adhered to. They are there for each child’ssafety and enjoyment. Ignoring theses rules can result in exclusion from the creche

Communication booklet

Every child has a Communication Booklet  to record day to day information between parents / children / Purple People . These are given to parents to take home at the end of the event. If you want to be sure your child's key worker knows about something, record it in the booklet. Please ask to see the booklet should staff forget to show it to you at the end of each day.

Under 8s booklets include the EYFS forms and baby / toddler needs forms and have a daily record of nappy changes, food eaten and activities enjoyed.

Sweets and fizzy drinks

Sweets and fizzy drinks may not be brought into the creche, or bought on outings. Water is available, and a healthy snack is provided twice daily.

Label your belongings

Please make sure all your children's items are clearly labelled, particularly baby bags, and remember we cannot be responsible for the loss of damage of valuable items.

Babies and toddlers provisions

Please ensure you provide your baby or toddler with nappies, spare pants, bottles and baby food, all clearly labelled with their names. We do not provide nappies or baby food.

Toilet training/accidents

Please provide young children with a spare set of clothes in case of toilet accidents, which may happen as younger children easily become distracted in a new environment.


All medicines (including headache tablets etc) may not be brought into the creche without a GP sticker and MUST be locked in the medical box. Medicines must not be left in children's bags as they are a potential danger to children.

Games consoles and mobile phones

Nipperbout cannot take responsibility for these items in the creche or on outings. We recommend that you leave them in your room. Mobiles may be used by over 8s in the “communication corner” only.

Facebook and social networking

Purple People are not allowed to accept friend requests / followers from anyone who has attended a Nipperbout creche, so children should not add them.

Photography and video taking

Please remember photographs require the consent of parents and/or the people you are photographing, this includes taking pictures on your phone of our Purple People and other children.

With parental permission, Nipperbout will be taking videos and photographs of the creche for training and marketing purposes. Please notify a Purple Person if you do not want to have photographs or videos taken of yourself or your child.