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Short Stay Crèche

A Short stay crèche allows visitors to leave children, on a first come first served basis, for up to four hours. It has all the fun and games of our Stay and Play Areas but with the added ingredient of allowing the customer to actually leave their children, safe in the knowledge that Nipperbout’s Purple People are taking great care of them.

Nipperbout will create an exciting, child friendly environment, themed and tailored to your preferred age range and numbers. We can operate from a room, or use our own colourful shell scheme, soft flooring and secure entry system within your open space. 

Our ‘Pop Up’ facility is ideal for airports and shopping centres, where the crèche location may need to roam. It also offers ideal exposure opportunities for sponsors.


We can provide Short Stay Crèches outside the UK. Find out more about our international service

‍Benefits of Short Stay

Parents can relax and enjoy an event or engage with retailers at their leisure, making informed decisions or impulse purchases. You benefit from increased attendance, as parents realise their children will have a great time!

Why you should use Nipperbout

Our inventive fun is attractive to sponsors who can derive more benefits from their investment.

Our exciting, child friendly environments can be built swiftly and be easily moved to alternative spaces.

Once booked, the Nipperbout team deal with everything, providing a stimulating, fun experience, combined with safety and regulatory compliance.

Venues trust our efficiency, professionalism and ability to match their health and safety criteria. They frequently recommend us!

Our Ofsted "Outstanding" awarded teams are all professionally trained, DBS checked and adhere to comprehensive and clearly documented procedures.

Each service is planned, resourced, structured and fully programmed to give children a participative learning experience. Children will have far more fun than having to attend the adult event!

Add incredible value to your event or Corporate Day and let us handle the operations and compliance issues. CALL US!

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Nipperbout's understanding of the Exhibition industry and knowledge of childcare law is second to none. They are exceptionally easy to work with and deliver an outstanding service!
Emily Peat, NCC Events