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Lost child training

The Nipperbout CPD accredited training for Lost Child Provision is robust, informative and enlightening. We enable your event staff to feel confident and secure when dealing with the diverse situations that they can face.

We equip participants with the skills to deal with a lost child situation, and to understand the processes that should be followed in the event of a child being lost or found.

The course has four sessions, running from 9:30am to 4.30pm. Each session is run with a combination of visual and interactive teaching to accommodate different learning abilities and to make sure everyone leaves the course feeling knowledgeable and confident.

The course covers

  • Legislation and regulation
  • Best practice guidelines
  • Paperwork requirements
  • Setting up a lost child point
  • Radio protocol – including when to call the police and top tips

Course objectives

To understand:

  • terminology used when dealing with lost children, ensuring clarity of communication
  • the relevant legislation and regulations so the correct procedures can be followed
  • best practice approach towards managing the lost child process
  • how to complete the correct paperwork, follow the lost child protocol and liaise with the stakeholders
  • how to manage behaviour of both adults and children in a lost child situation

Learning outcomes

  • relevant laws and regulations
  • ability to follow best practice guidance for setting up and running a lost child point
  • confidence to manage the behaviour of both parents and children

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The training not only opened our eyes to legislation but also ways to improve what we already have in place.
Juliette Painter, Guest Services Manager, CENTRE:MK
CPD accredited course badge