Our prices

Every event is unique, which is why Nipperbout tailor our services to provide the maximum amount of ‘edutainment’ for your budget.

The prices below are for guidance only. For a bespoke quotation please call us today or make an enquiry.


Full day care & short stay services

from £2,250
Incl. Conference Childcare – full day, Congress Care and Event Crèche – short stay

Entertainment packages

from £2,000
Incl. Festival & Fun Day Children’s Fields

Premium Wedding Crèche

from £960Details

Lost Child Point

from £700See details

Chaperone Service

from £300  – See details

Overview of all childcare options

Nipperbout Express

from £250Details

Entertainment packages

from £2,000
Incl. Company Children’s Parties

Stay & Play Area

from £700See details

Virtual Edutainment

from £250 per sessionSee details

Just Purple People

from £32.00See details

Overview of all edutainment options

Face-to-face group workshops

from £1,200 per day

Online course

from £87 per person

See details of our training


from £300

When having children at your event it is important to consider the following:


To comply with legal space requirements, Nipperbout use a measurement of 3.7sqm per child, indoors & outdoors. When liaising with your venue, ask them for the size of the room (square meters) instead of the capacity, this will give a more accurate idea of how many children the space can hold.

Fresh air

Children need access to natural light & fresh air. Check for windows when choosing a suitable room.

Outside playing space

If children are staying all day, it is a legal requirement that they be taken outside for at least an hour. Where an outside play area is not available at the venue, Nipperbout will supervise outings to local parks or amenities.


Families may have pushchairs, wheelchairs, trikes and other paraphernalia. Check for lifts, ramps & wide corridors. Nipperbout will need to be given access to the venue to enable our van to deliver our equipment, prior to the first day of the event.


Babies will need nappy changing facilities (Nipperbout can provide these) and young children who can’t wait very long will benefit from a near by toilet. A dedicated toilet block is ideal for any family friendly event.


Parents will greatly appreciate a space to breastfeed and express milk. If you’ll be providing food at your event consider healthy food choices for children. Nipperbout can work directly with your catering team to develop a bespoke child friendly menu.