Nipperbout has provided an international childcare solution to events, conferences, festivals and meetings for over thirty years.

Offering the same high-quality event childcare we provide in the UK, whether you are looking for a full mobile creche service, a chaperone service or something in between, we can look after, entertain and fascinate children from 0-17 ensuring your delegates, visitors, VIP guests, speakers and exhibitors can fully focus on your event.

Call Nipperbout for Baby parking, Cuidado de ninos de eventos, Crèche mobile , مرافق رعاية الأطفال. assistenza all'infanzia evento.

Our Service

A complete childcare service across the globe, we work with international venues, compliance, catering and schools to ensure children feel welcome and parents are at ease in leaving them in our care, from the very moment they book.

We provide our own equipment including our unique security doors, entertainment and childcare qualified staff to transform any area into a Nipperbout crèche with the consistent magic that makes the Nipperbout experience so special.


Our multinational staff speak a variety of languages to communicate effectively with parents and children in the run-up to and during each event. Registration documents, signage and information leaflets are already available in Arabic, Italian, French and Spanish and can be easily translated into any language.

Robust Registration

We run our own registration system to capture each child’s details and requirements taking the responsibility for GDPR out of your hands and applying procedures and protocols relevant to the host country as well as ensuring respect for cultural nuances and adherence to religious or spiritual beliefs.

The Nipperbout Experience

In addition to the full experience of a Nipperbout Creche complete with quiet area, play zones, magical, physical and intellectual activities, we can provide nappy change facilities, lactation and breastfeeding areas for your international attendees.

We research the local area to find playgrounds and places of interest to the children in our care and make sure they enjoy their visit as much, if not more, than their parents and have lots to chat about at the end of each day.

An Inclusive Approach

We welcome and embrace all children. With prior knowledge, we can engage staff with the expertise to care for children with most conditions including but not limited to Autism, Aspergers, EBDS, RAD and FAS. We offer  1:1 care, break out time and any number of attentive solutions, we are proud to provide childcare to The NDCS, SA Support UK, REACH, The Albanism ,  Fellowship and more.

Local Approval

We work closely with international counterparts to ensure compliance with the legal requirements for local childcare and we handle all the official paperwork required. In our experience, DBS clearance (UK Police checks) often meets the criteria required but where a second clearance is needed, we will complete all steps to ensure compliance. international authories can gain access to our UK DBS clearance.

School Homework

If our service is required within school term time, our staff will work with each child’s school to ensure all home working is complete and educational needs are met, giving parents even more reason to attend your event with their children.

Our Team

Our wonderful Purple People staff will be mobilised from the UK and we will draw on existing partnerships and resources to employ locally where necessary. A senior team member will be onsite at all times and the team will stay close to the venue.


Cost is calculated on operating hours and numbers and ages of children. Quotes can be prepared in Euros so clients benefit from a fixed price for budget control. 

All we need to know is your location, operating hours, anticipated numbers and age range of children. We’ll then suggest the services we can offer before settling on a bespoke solution to suit you, your event and your attendees. Enquire now.

Online Training Courses

Our online CPD-accredited training courses are ideal for international event and security teams. Covering Safeguarding Children at Events, Lost Child training and a communication course which explores the language to use to safely communicate with children you may not know. All are available online and can be delivered in multiple languages to support venues and event organisers globally.

Enquire or call about event childcare outside the UK

It has been a pleasure working with Nipperbout in London and Rome. The team is professional and flexible. Feedback has been so positive!
Eva Satgé, European Society of Cardiology