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What it takes to be one of the “Best” in childcare

January 2017
Janthea Brigden
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This year we have cemented our place as industry leaders in nationwide mobile childcare. Being nominated again for the Festival Supplier Awards, and being awarded the new grading of ‘Excellent’ by the CCSIW, have been great honours and reinforce the beliefs and principles that we’ve held since Nipperbout’s inception almost 25 years ago.
At the 2017 Festival Supplier Awards Nipperbout has been “Best Crèche” for our service at the Cambridge Folk Festival
At the 2017 Festival Supplier Awards Nipperbout has won “Best Crèche” for our service at the Cambridge Folk Festival

It hasn’t been an overnight success. Like any successful business getting here has taken time, patience and countless hours of hard work. We’ve learnt a lot of lessons along the way so thought we’d take this opportunity to share what it takes to be THE BEST in childcare.

Be adaptable

We’ve provided childcare for a huge range of industries, venues and events. We’ve worked with Heathrow Airport, Cambridge Folk Festival, Unison, The Jockey Club, SMAUK, The Salvation Army , The National Deaf Children’s Society and the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau A typical weekend could see our staff running a crèche at a union conference, supervising a lost child point at huge outdoor event or festival, or working at a celebration ceremony, looking after 100 under 5s (always keen to rise to a challenge!)One of the key ingredients to our success is being able to be adaptable to the needs of the client and understanding that situations change, numbers ages and even last minute locations where we have to move an entire crèche over night!

Be fully compliant with childcare regulations

Leaving children in someone else’s care is a huge leap of faith and Parents need to be able to trust and relax so they can fully participate and enjoy the event they are attending. Our Clients want a stress free experience knowing that safeguarding, insurance, Ofsted and R.A.M.S are all taken care of. Nipperbout’s USP is the ability to combine robust health and safety procedures with creative, entertaining childcare.

Always listen to customers

Our customers are made up of client companies, parents, children and our team – the “Purple People” and we ask for feedback from all four groups after every event. Nipperbout is a forward thinking organisation and takes feedback very seriously, we gain invaluable information to help us evolve our services and support our clients.Because of the unique nature of our service, we are inspected by Ofsted at least four times a year, we find this helps us to keep thinking and investigating ways we can innovate and improve our performance.

Everyone makes mistakes and most people are accepting of that if the mistake is owned and put right quickly. People don’t like surprises or hearing things in a round-about way so being honest and transparent is key to holding your clients trust.

Never taking advantage of anyone in business

We have a strong belief in staying fair and open. We once had the opportunity to take a contract from a competitor in what we felt was unethical circumstances, so we refused. When that competitor later decided to fold his business, he passed on several of his contacts to us. What goes around comes around as they say – karma!

Always give more that your customer is expecting

That little bit extra makes all the difference and remains in the customers mind. Nipperbout has a whole host of hidden extras, some the clients are aware of and some they are not. For example; clients receive a full feedback report on the event at the end of every service and parents receive a detailed record of what their child did with us during their visit. Children receive appreciation certificates and achievement prizes. We also find little text messages of reassurance work wonders, if parents are particularly anxious.