Accredited training courses

Children at events

This unique course helps practitioners to:

  • Understand legislation and regulation
  • Achieve basic safeguarding skills
  • Implement compliance standards
  • Create safer practices for children at your event

Event organisers will be equipped with the tools to transform their event into a safer environment for children and families.

Who’s the course for?

The course is for event organisers who run or want to run family friendly events and/or events where children are attending, working or performing.

Course structure

This face-to-face course runs from 10am until 4pm and is divided into 4 sessions, each run with a mixture of visual and interactive teaching methods.

Course objectives

  • To provide an introduction to safeguarding children in a event environment
  • To understand your duty of care and where liability lies
  • To identify safe practices for delivering child friendly events

What you’ll learn

  • Relevant Laws and Regulations, including data protection, photography and performance licences.
  • Best practice guidance for safe operating procedures, including lost children.
  • Top tips for creating a safe and fun family friendly event

Why Nipperbout for training

Our core event childcare business has been using the methods taught in our training courses for over 30 years. We’ve used the course learnings with tens of thousands of children, in many different situations, so we know they work!

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Nipperbout’s training course exceeded our expectations. The perfect mix of best practice scenarios, practical tips and in-depth information. I highly recommend them for all event childcare training.
Victoria Pugh, Hyve Group
CPD accredited course badge